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[Manga Spoilers] Eren did NOT fight for freedom

Hybrids exist alongside them but are often than not treated very well they are considered pets-used for companionship or pleasure. Eren is an omega dog hybrid whose mother just died his "master" sells him to a brothel where he is forced to do hard labor and is constantly abused. A chance meeting leads Eren wishing to be rescued from this life ... In the anime during Annie and Eren's epic final titan fight, Eren slowly gets the upper hand on her until she crystallizes. In the manga, though, this is not quite how the fight goes. Instead, Annie utterly rules the fight and Eren does not get any taste of victory. The manga follows the protagonist, Claude, as he comes to terms with his gender identity and falls in love with multiple women throughout his life. Claudine, unfortunately, is a product of its times. It's not perfect -- it ends in tragedy and, well, the title of the manga is Claude's dead name. Did we mention that Hange Zoe appointed Armin as the 15th commander of the Survey Corps before she died? So not only does Armin survive the final battle, but he survives as a commander. That explains why he takes responsibility for killing Eren to the Marleyan commanding officers, easing the burden on Mikasa's shoulders. Answer (1 of 44): [Spoilers from Manga and some speculations] . . . … Eren has no choice... Who is evil is a matter of perspective. * Eren spent a peaceful - albeit dissatisfied - life inside the walls for the first 12 years or so. One fine day some titans tear open the wall and kill his p... [Manga Spoilers] Welcome to the fifth Manga Festival! (C.105) Read the Rules. spoiler. Close. 536. ... I remember once reading a fic about Eren and Mikasa banging in the shower with Levi being on the other side, being so disgusted he did not wash himself for the first time in years and I find it both hilarious and so in character if that ever ... Did Eren Kill His Mother? Before Chapter 139 came out, Eren influencing the past and killing his mother was only a theory. However, now that the series is over we have official word on whether or ... As Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga reaches its apex, so do its fascist, anti-Semitic, and imperialist themes. The series, a cultural phenomenon in its own right, is colored in season 3 by ... When Eren speaks with Armin he tries to apologize for the way he treated him at Niccolo's restaurant, but Armin says that he should be more worried about apologizing to Mikasa. Armin worries that the world will try to retaliate for what Eren did, but Eren reveals that he succeeded in wiping out 80% of the world's population before he was stopped. Eren as a normal man-eating Titan was very small: 4 meters. Eren was known for fighting (and losing) with the local bullies of Shiganshina. He was known for his stubborness, despite always ending up beaten up. In a flashback, his father notes that as a child, Eren did not make friends easily, and that's why he had only Armin.

2022.01.20 13:50 Luccar21 [Manga Spoilers] Eren did NOT fight for freedom

A common misconception I hear, and for good reason, as it is kind of Erens catch phrase especially during the final arc, is that Eren did the rumbling so Eldia could be free. This, is NOT true, and has caused countless misunderstandings regarding Erens character. Let me explain.
Starting with Eren as a child. Eren was a kid who lacked any real goals in life, which, on the surface seems completly harmless. Having a goal isn't really a priority as a kid, but with Eren that was the beginning of his life long struggle. The fight with bordom. Eren craved anything exciting to happen in his mundane everyday life, and it was only after Armin shows Eren the book of the outside world that Eren finally gets a goal, to break out of the shackles of the wall, and show Armin the world he saught in his book.
But to truly understand Erens character, you need to know that showing Armin the outside world wasn't Erens true objective, it was the road to get there, which was fighting the titans. Fighting was what Eren truly craved. A fight, that would eventually come to an end with the revelations that came over the course of his journey with the Survey Corps.
Eren lost his fight after all was said and done. His ongoing struggle that he desired so much. To him, that must've been soul crushing. The only driving force keeping him going was gone, which was why he was so depressed when they reached the ocean, and not elated like everyone else. Eren had his friends sure, but having friends is not a goal, and I think we could all relate to how it would feel if we lost any driving purpose in life besides just living for others. The only, and deciding difference between us and Eren however is that what Eren wanted is only something that came with further blood shed if his fighting was to continue, and so began his new goal, the rumbling.
Now you are probably saying as of now "Wait, are you trying to say Eren did the rumbling.. Because he was bored?" That's exactly what im saying, and I don't think it's too far fetched an idea. Over the course of the story we meet many characters who are willing to sacrifice all for the sake of their own ambiton. One such example being closest to Eren in his selfishness is none other than Erwin.
Erwin, the previous leader of the survey corps was also no real hero of humanity. Although Erwins goals did align with pushing humanity towards it's goal of being free of the titans just like Eren, that is not what Erwin truly wanted out of the struggle. What Erwin really saught was knowledge. Over the course of our time with Erwin, the only real time we see any kind of enjoyment coming from this man, is after proving his fathers theory right.
After all the countless soldiers he'd lost, and sent into deaths gate by his own choices alone, he was still able to smile like he did to that fact alone. It's like another character who is also motivated entirely by his own goals Kenney said "We're all drunk on something".
Now, you could argue that Erwin and Erens cases are different in that Erwin still did what he did for the greater good still, but I don't believe that makes what Erwin did any more right. He sent countless soldiers who didn't need to die to death. Time, and time again all beneath the surface for his own goals. Why is this seen as accaptable, but killing innocence for the sake of ones bordom is not? How do we as human being justify peoples deaths in a truly right way. Personally, I don't believe there is a right way. The number of deaths may not be equal, but the selfishness of it all is.
Before getting ahead of ourselves further however, you may still not be fully convinced about Erens true goals yet, which is fair enough. So I'm going to supplement more proof that this is the case, first with Erens discussion with Reiner during Willy Tybers speech.
Erens discussion with Reiner here is an important moment in looking into the true Eren. One that many misunderstand as Eren saying that he's pushing himself forward for the sake of all that is close to him. But that isn't true at all, and is a misunderstanding of the conversation.
Eren only says that he's the same as Reiner, AFTER Reiner admits to attacking the wall for his own selfish reasons of wanting to be a hero, not before. And this point is crucial. Because Eren does in fact question Reiner if he did what he did for the sake of humanity, and Reiner denies this soon after being probed further. If Eren felt like he was the same as Reiner in that they both did what they did for their people, than Eren would have admitted that they where the same at that time, not after Reiners confession of wanting to be a hero.
Another crucial piece of evidence is actually located in an outside source believe it or not. In the parody manga written by the same author called "Attack on School Castes" Which takes place in an alternative universe of our attack on titan characters where they live their everyday lives just like our real life world. In this supplemented source, Eren's time in our world is an interesting one to dive into most of all.
Bored, and without purpose, this Eren of our world walks through his daily life without meaning. And only in his dreams does he find any kind of purpose. One such dream is where his school gets over run by zombies, and begins fighting them like he does in the Attack on Titan world. Only to wake up soon after in tears, in a realization that is mundane life will continue. That isn't all either, the epiphany he comes to soon after this is bone chilling and says "If there isn't a threat to this world, I can be the threat".
And before you discount this outside source as being irrelevant to the story, the author himself states that Attack on School Castes is crucial to understanding each of the characters in Attack on Titan. If that doesn't convince you, I don't know what will.
So no, Eren was not really fighting for freedom at all, and the freedom Eren saught was simply the freedom from his bordom. When Eren saw that seemingly endless expanse in the sky during the rumbling and said "freedom" that is what he was truly talking about. He no longer had to worry about his fight being taken away from him, because now he was the reason for the fight.
Understanding these facts also helps with coming to terms with the ending of Attack on Titan. Many think that Eren did the rumbling for the sake of his friends becoming heros, and that the memories of the Attack titan messed up his head, but that just isn't true at all. The true Eren was with us to the very end, we where just too blind to see it. Even Erens own friends failed to come to terms with how horrifying this idea is, with Armin questioning Eren to no end on why he did what he did in paths, desiring some kind of right answer to justify it all, but the thing is, there isn't one.
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Thanks in advance for your help. In Gmail, I often use the "e" keyboard shortcut to archive an email. However, I've been noticing that it does not work properly. Email sits in the "everything else" category, still in inbox.
If, instead, I click on the "Inbox" label's X, it does archive it.
So I'm left wondering: why can't I archive an email pressing e? It "seems" to work, as I'm brought to the next email (auto-advance setting on), but in reality, it did not archive it properly.
Any help?
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I very much like to be prepared for, well everything, if possible. My surgery date (bypass) is March 1st, and while I'm not worried about surgery itself, I am worried about not being prepared before hand for my recovery. What kind of tips do you have to be prepared leading up to surgery and how I can prepare beforehand for recovering at home? Or is there anything you wish you had brought to the hospital? Thanks!
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When I go forward into the opponents half with the ball and accidentally lose the ball with the stupid passing, they pass a through ball to their ST making a run in between my 2 CB's with both of them failing to cover him or close the space.
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I am currently facing an issue with analyzing my data for a project.
I have a dataset of about 100.000 samples. I have approximate 50 columns which are all binary and my dependent variable is time in hours. Every row shows records of a process a product goes through, whether the product passed through the specified "stop".
My goal is not to make a prediction but rather an explanation/inference.
Assume that my dataset looks like this:

stop1 stop2 stop3 stop4 ... time
1 0 0 1 ... 23.35
1 0 0 1 ... 8.26
1 0 1 1 ... 200.06
... ... ... ... ... ...
0 1 0 0 ... 1.71
1 1 1 1 ... 2.03
How can you "measure" the impact of these variables on the final salary? I imagined that doing a simple Linear Regression would give me an insight into what the "impact" of the different binary variables are on the dependent one?
How can you decide which variables to use for your regression and which ones to leave aside because they're not "relevant" to the final dependent variable?
(Again, this is for understanding if a specific stop takes way more time than others do for example, and if so I should look into it more, not for predictions.)
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