Anyone have experience with MDA? We have questions...

2022.01.20 14:43 kinkycouplewv Anyone have experience with MDA? We have questions...

So we got our hands on some MDA. Was hoping for MDMA but this is what was available. We've never done MDA and are wondering about a few things...
What is a good starting dose? Can we redose a few hours later? Can it be dissolved in a drink or should we put it in capsules? Does MDA make you want to be touchy feely and intimate? Is sex possible on MDA? Does MDA make you want to talk and share and be intimate?
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2022.01.20 14:43 Psychological_Fox351 Help me out guys. I want to see if my connection is capable of streaming and playing without laggy input and choppy screens. Just tune in for like 30 seconds, spam comments and then I can see what I need to.

Help me out guys. I want to see if my connection is capable of streaming and playing without laggy input and choppy screens. Just tune in for like 30 seconds, spam comments and then I can see what I need to. submitted by Psychological_Fox351 to dbfz [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 14:43 bucket--bot animal crossing dancing, there's a burden, annoying

along with me?
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2022.01.20 14:43 dogloverrrr_ Something that comforts me right now.

I've been crying non-stop for the last few days and something that eased the pain and my anxiety recently is realizing that everything happened for the best. I may be unbearably hurt right now but that chapter of my life ended in a happy ending, despite all the tears, because I still have me: the only person I actually need, and I choose to believe that this story is going to lead to something better (if I choose to, and I assure myself this the plot is gonna be thicccc).
I'm grateful for everything that I've learned especially the parts where I got to know myself. I realized that I am able to love someone so much it's causing me this much pain. Not to sound a masochist, I guess it just amazes me how much I am capable of loving (doesn't matter if the other person deserved it or not) I'm proud to find out that I can truly love as much as I have, that took a lot of strength and unconditional compassion. And I am now in the process of something just as challenging: letting go. I'm going to reclaim all that love back to me. I look forward to the part where I survive all this pain and hopefully be brave enough to love as much again. I know the road isn't and doesn't look easy for us, but we owe ourselves to believe that we are strong enough to embrace this pain and survive into someone who we'll be proud of.
Also, this is really a great song if you want to listen: I'll Still Have Me by CYN
Thanks for reading, and I'm sorry if I sounded cliché. I thought I'd share it because this mindset really made me feel a lot better.
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2022.01.20 14:43 Kafuf-1 Do superheroes who have super strength, are they technically natty or juice?

Like captain America is technically on juice. However I don’t know about Spider-Man or the hulk. They technically weren’t juiced.
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2022.01.20 14:43 Alarod On The Ground gives e a headache

When the song starts, there is this very high pitched squeal that hurts my ears and gives me a bad headache. Is this for nefarious purposes, or did someone just leave their hamster squealing looped in the stems.
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2022.01.20 14:43 Spiritual-Function Mordred's red robe ʘᴗʘ ♥

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2022.01.20 14:43 QueeLinx SC’s new voting maps could land state in court, attorney says. Voters deserve better [paywall]

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2022.01.20 14:43 Ok_Present_8373 It's interesting how much the kpop community continues to disregard SEVENTEEN depsite the impact they've had on kpop

Just to clarify, I am not here to say that the kpop community is obligated to talk about Seventeen, or to even praise them. But I do find it interesting how the only people who seem to talk about them are Carats & possibly those who watch Going Seventeen (Cubics). Like, you rarely ever see them brought up in discussions that really, they should be included in. Discussions such as best vocalists, best dancers, or even discussions about those who have made an impact in the kpop industry. Like despite the amount of impact Seventeen has had on the kpop industry, people still find it easy to either discredit them, dismiss them, or just completely disregard them.
The only time I ever hear Seventeen be discussed is when other fandoms want to compare THEIR groups to Seventeen in order to prove just how THEIR group have grown or how great THEIR group is. Like I'll hear people list out the best dancers in kpop but no member from Seventeen would be included on the list especially the dance line, and especially Hoshi & Dino. With Hoshi literally being the ONLY kpop idol who has consistently choreographed some of the BEST choreos in kpop, along with him also being an exceptional dancer himself. Or people will list out best vocalists in kpop and not a single vocal line (especially Seungkwan & Dokyeom) would be listed, depsite not only being one of the best vocalists in 3rd gen but in kpop in general, getting approval from God-tier vocalists such IU, EXO Chen, SNSD Taeyeon, BtoB Eunkwang, F.T. Island Hongki, and more. And don't even get me started on how many times they've been praised for their variety skills. At this point, I can't even place the blame on Carats for their so called lack of vocalization and praises that they do for Seventeen on Social Media. Because even last year (2021) despite how loud & active Carats have been with Seventeen's accomplishments & achievements, you will still see other people try to diminish those accomplishments or achievements, and even their popularity. Like people would deadass say a specific member of Seventeen isn't as popular or even possibly more popular than another idol, just because that idol has more followers or views than them. Like since when did we measure a person's popularity based on followers & views. Kylie Jenner is literally the most follower female in Instagram and her ass still gets hated on by the general public. Like people really had the balls to come for Seungkwan, only for them to be met with the "Seventeen Karma," and see his face show up on almost EVERY variety show, be mentioned everywhere, and literally score a freakin daesang. But because he doesn't have more followers on his Instagram, he must be "a nobody."
Anyways this is starting come off like I am complaining (lowkey probably I'm) when it's actually suppsoed to be an appreciation post. So before I drag this on any longer, here are a few things (trends) SVT has actually started/popularized, and even normalized in kpop, that new fans or people outside of the fandom probably didn't even know about.
DISCLAIMER: I am going off my memory here, so do feel free to correct me if I got any of these wrong, thank you! 😊
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆《TOP 5》☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
● Member Part-Switch: Started/Popularized/Normalized - Ever wondered where the member Part-Switch came from, well you can thank SVT for that. As they were the ones to start this trend since their debut (since Adore U). For those who aren't aware of what Part-Switch is, it's essentially when the members would switch parts in their song/choreo and try to do it as properly as possible.
● Self-Producing: Popularized - Seventeen aren't the first to have a member produce songs for their group, but they certainly are the first and official group given the "Self-Producing" title and known officially for it, even to this day. The only other groups that I am aware of prior to Seventeen that had a member produce some songs for their group are BigBang (GD), 2ne1 (CL), Beast (Junhyung) & BlockB (Zico). But like you've probably heard from other Carats and K-nets, it wasn't to the extent that Seventeen has, and their self-producing didn't include other self-producing aspects such as choreographing, content making, merch making, Music video production, and more. For Seventeen, self-producing evolved beyond just producing music. And it's evident that 4th gen groups have taken interest in letting people know that they too self-produce music (even if it's just 1 or 2 songs in an album 🙄)
● The Fresh-Teen Concept: Started/Popularized/Normalized - Seventeen are technically the first group to have started & created this type of concept, and they are the ones people associate this concept with the MOST. Unfortunately, I have noticed that this type of concept does often get mistaken as the flower-boy concept (which is much more closer to the cute concept for girl groups), but trust, it isn't, there is actually a difference. Take SVT's Adore U, Mansae, and Aju Nice, Got7 Just Right, The Boyz Giddy Up, Thrill Ride, and D.D.D, Astro's Hide&Seek and Breathless, Golden Child's DamDaDi, TOO/TO1 Count 1,2 and TXT Crown as examples, those are what you would call Fresh-Teen. While songs such as SVT Pretty U, and OH MY (maybe), SHINee Replay, TXT Dog & Cat, The Boyz Bloom Bloom, would be considered flower boy in concept (not lyrics). I think another huge difference (maybe not) is that the Flower-Boy concept tend to be more romance driven (though all majority of kpop songs are usually love songs) but it's pretty evident not just in their lyrics but in the music videos and overall concept of the video itself (hope this makes sense). Anyways, interesting enough, this sort of concept is more popular and seen with boy groups as opposed to girl groups, kind of like how cute concepts are more seen with girl groups as opposed to boy groups, those they are not exclusive and both groups can certainly do them.
● Synchronization/Complex Choreos: Popularized - Seventeen aren't the first group to start this or do this (that goes to Infinite) however they are known as THIS generation's Synchronizing Kings. Furthurmore, we are being honest, we didn't really start to see kpop groups really put an emphasis on synchronization until Seventeen came along. Groups would literally use Seventeen's choreos to practice their dancing and synchronization. When EBS would be presented on survival shows, contestants would dreed and fear picking Seventeen's just due to the choreo alone. The reason why 4th gen groups are so focused on dancing is thx to Seventeen raising the standard. I don't want people to think that synchronization is the only thing Seventeen has to offer in this department, but it certainly is something that should be highlighted given the amount of members they have.
● Debuting Large Groups: Popularized/Normalized - Seventeen weren't the first group that debuted with large members (Fun Fact: they are still the only active kpop group with the largest amount of members, that ACTIVITLY promote as ONE group), there was SUJU (originally 13), EXO (originally 12), 9muses (it's in the name), SNSD (originally 9) etc. But it was rare, and honestly the only company doing it at the time was SM (cause they got the money to debut that many people). However, after Seventeen debuted and their debut was actually pretty successful (being called the Super Rookies at the time) large groups started debuting left&right, Such as Twice, ioi, Up10tion, Wanna One, SF9, Pentagon, NCT (😓), Pristin, X1, Izone, Golden Child, The Boyz, Fromis_9, TO1, Treasure, Kep1er, and more. Companies now felt more comfortable debuting large groups, even if they didn't have the funds to maintain all the members, as they saw Pledis (a bankrupt company at the time) doing it and succeeding.
● Inkigayo Sandwich: Popularized via Seungkwan - Ever wondered how fans found out about the Inkigayo Sandwich, and how idols would use it to give out their phone numbers to other idols. Yah that's thanks to BooSeokSoon (specifically Seungkwan) they had discussed about this during a radio show, and how they had used the Sandwich to promote themselves by sharing them with their fans and other fandoms during ISAC.
● Male Idols w/ Long Hair: Popularized/Normalized via HeeRenJeong - Before there was SKZ Hyunjin, OnlyOneOf Junji, or even BTS Jungkook, there was the infamous SVT Jeonghan and Nu'est Ren. However, prior to these two Heechul is arguably the first male idol to rock long hair, but Ren & Jeonghan (even Jun) did help popularize & normalize it, making it easier for male idols such as Jungkook & Hyunjin to even wear such lengths, and even then, their hair wasn't as long as how those three had it. It was to the point that people genuinly mistook Heechul, Ren, & Jeonghan as females.
● Customized Lightsticks: Started/Popularized/Normalized - Though Seventeen weren't the first to create lightsticks (that goes to BigBang) they were however the first ones to make their lightsticks customized, allowing the fans to customize the lgihtsticks however they wanted. They are also arguably the first to offer various lights within their lightstick, allowing their fans to choose a specific light in order to show support to which ever group is performing.
● Gag Duos/Trios in Groups: Popularized - Seventeen weren't the first group to have a gag duo/trio, that actually probably goes to SUJU (Leeteuk/Shingdong/Eunhyuk), however they certainly did popularize it, especially amongst 4th gen. I find it interesting how people are now having discussions about who the Gag duos/trios are in their ult groups. Such as like SKZ Jisung/Hyunjin/Lee Know or TXT Soobin/Beomgyu/Taehyun or BTS Jimin/Jin/Jhope, etc. Or which member in their ult group would excel in variety shows and ultimately be the variety king of their generation, like Seungkwan (3rd gen), Leeteuk (1st gen) & Key (2nd gen), if given the chance. With people suggesting SKZ Jisung, TXT Beomgyu, Ateez Wooyoung, or TBZ Sunwoo, etc.
● Idol's MBTI: Popularized - Seventeen didn't start the MBTI thing, that actually probably goes to Got7 as they were the first group (that I am aware of) that did it and publicized it on their variety show. However, it really wasn't until Seventeen did it on their popular Going Seventeen that we saw so many other Idol groups start to do it after, especially 4th gen groups (TBZ, SKZ, ITZY, etc to name a few). Even the members themselves on their recent Going Seventeen commentary video, stated how lucky they were to have done it before it became popular.
● Half-Hearts: Started/Popularized via Mingyu & Seungkwan - This one is a pretty small trend, as I don't think a lot of groups have done it, like at the top of my head, I can probably name three who have (TXT, Fromis_9, and Enhypen, not kpop but jpop JO1) done it. But if you ever seen your idol do this, just know it came from BooGyu, and it's used to highlight their Tom&Jerry relationship.
● Kpop Enthusiasts/Professor: Popularized via Seungkwan - I am not sure if Boo is the first to have a Vlive centered around introducing kpop songs, but he certainly did popularized this. As ever since his EPIC "We Remember Kpop" series you now see other Idols on Vlive introducing kpop songs they enjoy, listen to or grew up listening to.
● "Singi banggi bboongbboong banggi": Trended via Jeonghan - um.. so this one is well, sort of Jeonghan trolling the internet, as during one of his Vlives he wanted out of nowhere to make this phrase trend amongst idols just like the S.coups Game, and he somehow achieved that. Seeing the other idol's reactions is actually funny and gold, I honestly recommend looking this up and seeing it for yourselves lmfao🤣.
● Ankle Squats: Trended/Popularized via Seungkwan - (Mostly amongst 4th gen idols) Yeah the infamous ankle squat technique that Seungkwan learned from his pilates instructor, most people are probably more familiar with it through Seventeen's Getting Closer choreo. But yeah, if you ever see an idol in a weird ass squat position, bouncing up&down with their tippy- toes, you can thank Seungkwan for that. Most notably the ones I have seen do it are the mcs in Knowing Brother, the contestants in I-Land, and Cravity Hyeongjun.
● The S.coups Game: Started/Popularized - What originally started as a way to teased S.coups and his name, ended up being a legit game, that even other groups play amongst themselves. Groups such as TO1, CRAVITY, & I believe Ateez (correct me on this) have played it. I can't really explain what the game is, so hopefully someone else in the comment section can, thank you.
DISCLAIMER: Anyways, once again this is not to say that people are obligated to should talk about Seventeen. But it's pretty sad (to say the least) how despite being the 2nd most popular boy group, how people tend to disregard them or diminish them so easily depsite such impacts they've had in kpop. Also, my intention here wasn't to offended anyone (and if I did my apologie), but to simply highlight what Seventeen has done, and to more or less show the appreciation that is lacking towards them, I guess "brag alittle 😉."
Anyways, Thank you for taking your time to read this post.
P.s: I apologize for the long post, I just tend to write alot when I get passionate about a certain topic or things I like.
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2022.01.20 14:43 Bortsketball Jim Jones, Nuff Said - Nuff Said (Official Audio) [Rap]

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2022.01.20 14:43 Mr_Darthrex Crypto tax filing is a pain in the backside

So I'm trying to get ahead on my taxes this year, and TurboTax prompted me to input my crypto information. After generating a report on coinbase, I see that I'm at $130 loss. No biggie I'm relatively new and had to make quite a few trades before I understood exactly what I was doing.
So, in order to input the info directly from Coinbase into turbotax, apparently you have to wait until January 31st for them to be ready. Well as a fairly responsible american, I obviously want to get this done as soon as possible, so I headed over to Koinly to use their filing tool. 20 minutes later I find out that it's going to cost $100 to get the report from them (250 trades)
It's amusing to me how much of a pain this is just to report a small loss. My impatience makes me want to file without reporting anything but I want to be legit in my investing from this point forward, and I'm afraid of an audit. Anyone have any suggestions? Am I stuck waiting to file until the end of the month?
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2022.01.20 14:43 Friendlyhuman420 After a break I'm enjoying this feeling again. Why do I always come back to this subreddit tho? Feels this the ex I used to love but kinda hate at the same time cause I keep crawling back when blowing?

Cheers to each and everyone who is hitting the slopes right now. I salute you.
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2022.01.20 14:43 Spark734 My Warden

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2022.01.20 14:43 Visual-Wonder-3017 Tens of thousands could die if Russia invades Ukraine, minister warns

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2022.01.20 14:43 rickyg1987 Survey about COVID-19 vaccines (US citizens from Connecticut needed; ~6 mins to complete; 18+)

Hello, we are a group of psychology researchers from the University of Kent and University of Cambridge, UK. It would be a huge help if any US citizens interested would fill out our survey (18+ years old only) about COVID-19 vaccines.
The survey takes 4-6 minutes to complete, and we're happy to answer any queries or questions you may have. Please consider private messaging us to avoid giving away the point of the study to others who haven’t completed the survey yet.
Thanks for your time.
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2022.01.20 14:43 maddoger21 Is it worth upgrading weapons for some elements(like magic, light, dark, fire...)?

I upgraded my weapon to +10 and don't how to increase my damage further, because the increase in damage from upping strength is too small (scale level C). So I think maybe I need to use lighting or dark damage. Does this make sense or how another way to increase your damage? (sorry for bad English)
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2022.01.20 14:43 lanpartygreyfive9 Is anyone planning on recording the entire April 12th Amsterdam show?

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2022.01.20 14:43 Bortsketball Jim Jones - Shots ft. Rah Swish, Gwoppy, Jovohn [Rap]

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2022.01.20 14:43 TheRacoonist New Jersey's own Jon Stewart is the latest recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for America Humor

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2022.01.20 14:43 Professional-House64 Suprise Suprise the queen is back Deepika padukone new

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2022.01.20 14:43 debesht Does anyone know how Goodyear Hall is?

Hey everyone! I am a current sophomore and I was waitlisted for dorming this semester, but thankfully, I got an email earlier today saying there are vacancies available. I checked, and the only available room is in Goodyear Hall, on South Campus. It shows that there are 3 bedrooms, but it also shows up as 3 separate rooms (S700/S702/S704). So, do we each get our own room with our own bed, or is it like governors where we all share the same room, but with 3 beds? Also, if anyone has stayed in goodyear hall before, please let me know what your experience was like there. Thank you in advance and have a great day yall
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2022.01.20 14:43 billb33 Maikasommar

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2022.01.20 14:43 Gametheboy Tales of the Jedi Opinions

I think Tales of the Jedi is simultaneously some really good and really bad. The concepts on paper are really cool. I love things like the great hyperspace war and the great sith war but there's just some silly stuff in there sometimes, like the occasional weak writing and the somewhat rushed falls of Exar Kun and especially Ulic Qel Droma (In my opinion).
What do you think of tales of the jedi? Im just curious on how other people see these comics.
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2022.01.20 14:43 Elvegavega Vegan Chocolate Mousse Smoothie

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2022.01.20 14:43 AmayasMommy_ The comfiest velvet hippo.

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