9r9k9 9niz2 nzza9 52hid zanii 422h2 yhbyz bt9nd z54h5 3as9i yzk87 z2ti8 e7ehr 4k844 ant4z isz4s 8ibih 977sf 52b98 s4irt ar7tf Holdning til dansk film. |

Holdning til dansk film.

2022.01.20 15:02 spidsnarrehat Holdning til dansk film.

Hej godtfolk, jeg er krigsnørd og er skamfuld over at sige jeg først for nyligt har fået set 9. April.
Til jer andre der har set den, hvad syntes i så om den?
Personligt må jeg sige det er en af de mest realistiske og ærlige krigsfilm jeg kan huske at have set hvad selve krigs scenerne og skuespillerne angår, virkelig flot film, og jeg er flov over det tog mig så længe at få den set.
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2022.01.20 15:02 bioslip The slow suicide

He loved her with all his heart. Shane was a good guy. He tried his best to be the best person he could be. But he never seemed to be enough for anyone. Then one day he met a girl. This girl seemed like the perfect girl. At least to him she was perfect. What he didn’t know was that she had a dark secret. So they dated from a while and everything was great. They seemed to be the happiest couple ever. They seemed to have a love that transcended all thought. At least to Shane.
And then she left him. With no real reason. And he began to lose his mind. He had always had issues mentally. Although he was actually quite smart. But things began to happen. Missed calls and answering phones that had no one on the other end. He became depressed and paranoid.
Then one day she did the unthinkable. She actually married someone else. And he hadn’t spoken to her in a long time. When he found out he was angry and distressed. He reached out to her and she finally answered. He asked to meet and she graciously accepted.
He asked her all kinds of things about her new person. About how they met and knew each other. She excitedly told him everything. That’s when shane realized he was never loved. Not by anyone. No matter good he was and misunderstood. He was really the best guy in the world.
He went home that night and drank himself into a stupor. He had been sober for so long. And he took all the sleeping pills he had. He passed away. But as he lay there slowly drifting off into that eternal sleep. He said I love you lily. And finally the world was free of him.
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2022.01.20 15:02 donk_kronk Can't stop thinking about this

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2022.01.20 15:02 Yangir There's a reason Lotus only lets us make one Excal Umbra; Introducing Me, Myself, and I, and I, and I...

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2022.01.20 15:02 setAlexonfire [chat]Biffy Clyro

This could be a long shot or this could be a downpour…
Anyone around that knows the awesomeness that is the Scottish 3 piece known as Biffy Clyro???
Their song Euphoria just came up on shuffle and it was the perfect song for the moment. I’d love to chat with a fellow fan or two! Should there be any here at all!
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2022.01.20 15:02 geekysocks Mouth ulcers and blood clots

Anyone suffer from a combination of these, I'm convinced they are linked but having difficulty getting doctors to listen..
Whenever I get mouth ulcers (three at a time) I get problems with my legs.
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2022.01.20 15:02 basicbassist21 I don’t think Sushi likes the camera…

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2022.01.20 15:02 Substantial-Nerve373 Dupixent pen vs syringe?

Deciding whether to receive the pen or syringe. Does the syringe hurt less?
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2022.01.20 15:02 PrimaryYam9432 what is the most annoying thing about social media?

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2022.01.20 15:02 MSFDragunov LF: runerigus or galarian yamask in a premier ball. FT: Name your price. A bunch of legit legendaries, etc

Premier ball mandatory. Stats are whatever. I'm as far as route 5 so I can breed a good one myself!
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2022.01.20 15:02 jobsinanywhere Bankinter: nimble Spanish bank shows growth still possible

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2022.01.20 15:02 Belph3gor-_- Χρωστούμενα μαθήματα/ αλυσίδες μαθημάτων

Στο τμήμα μας σε κάθε εξάμηνο αν θυμάμαι καλά , σου δίνουν 8 διδακτικές μονάδες (ECTS) για να δηλώσεις χρωστούμενα κλπ (μια μέση θεωρία εν τω μεταξύ έχει 4-5 διδακτικές μονάδες αλλά ας το αφήσουμε αυτό) και έχουμε αρκετα μαθήματα αλυσίδες από το πρώτο κιόλας εξάμηνο.
Για να θεωρηθεί ένα μάθημα 'περασμένο ' πρέπει να έχεις πάρει τουλάχιστον 5 στην θεωρία και 5 στο αντίστοιχο εργαστήριο.
Τα εργαστήρια δίνονται μια φορά τον χρόνο και κατά συνέπεια αν κοπεις σε κάποιο από αυτά σε βαράει ένα χρόνο επιπλέον για να τελειώσεις τη σχολή ανάλογα πότε τελειώνει το τελευταίο μάθημα της αλυσίδας. (Έχουμε 6 αλυσίδες των 3 μαθημάτων η κάθε μία)
Έτσι είναι σε όλες τις σχολές που έχουν εργαστήρια; Τα δίνετε μια φορά το χρόνο; Ή υπάρχει και εξεταστική Σεπτεμβρίου για τα εργαστήρια σε εσάς;
Επίσης έχετε περιορισμό στο να δηλώσετε χρωστούμενα μαθήματα; Σας περιορίζουν με τον αριθμό μαθημάτων πχ σε κάθε εξάμηνο να μπορείτε να δηλώσετε μέχρι 9 μαθήματα ή με τις διδακτικές μονάδες ,όπως κάνουν σε εμάς;
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2022.01.20 15:02 hafdisd Straight people are annoying

No I don't support the "straight" I really just don't give a shit about any of you
No, I'm not heterophobic, it's just that I don't care. If you're gonna be straight or whatever, do it, but I really could care less about you doing it. I actually hate the straight movement. We're at a point in time where, guess what? Nobody gives a fuck if you're straight. Just don't make it someone else's problem. You're honestly annoying. Had a kid in my class unironically call himself a "little straight potato" shits cringe af. Stop it.
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2022.01.20 15:02 MrCinnibuns I finally got my PC setup! I I worked hard for 4 months to save enough to buy it.

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2022.01.20 15:02 RedTiger_BSC Chinese New year is coming. Come to the moon with Red Tiger!!

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2022.01.20 15:02 Gianni_Sandu Let's do this, one more time.

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2022.01.20 15:02 BearNiips The Legend Of The BearNiips

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2022.01.20 15:02 0LeafedClover Can someone give me the rundown on this Max Limit and Bingboop situation.

All that I'm hearing is that Max Limit had zoophilia he was jerking off to, and he got shamed for it (100% reasonable imo) but another thing I know is that Bingboop made a rly good chiraq so I'm kinda on her side imo.
If anyone could give me the complete, 100% rundown explaining who everyone was, that would be amazing.
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2022.01.20 15:02 ragingraddish6624 isaiah rashad x earl sweatshirt type beat "orangedays" 2022

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2022.01.20 15:02 Lucacg00 What wheels are these (Audi A4 B5)

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2022.01.20 15:02 crakahman c.dot - requiem for the cream [ghetto pop]

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2022.01.20 15:02 CowmTaasm [FS][US-E] PA/NJ/DE - R730XD + Open post Rack

I'm downsizing my home lab since my family is working from home full time so space is needed. I am based near Philadelphia, PA. Local Zipcode is 19703.
Images - https://imgur.com/a/DvZJDRp
27U 4-post Open-Frame Rack
PowerEdge R730XD (12x3.5" LFF + 2x2.5" in the back)

I am looking to sell these as one combo for $1300. I'll also give you all the accessories as well (Patch Panel / Ethernet Cables ..etc).
Thank you for looking,
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2022.01.20 15:02 ITTzK Moving files and delete them in source folder

Hi all!
I am looking for a solution. I tried qfiling, but sadly it does not seem to do anything.
Is there any way to setup a job to move files from a source folder into a destination folder (on an external hdd) and then remove the files in the source folder?
I have been looking for a way to do this but I cannot find it.
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.20 15:02 Ruuuuud u/fujoshilove

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2022.01.20 15:02 thebelsnickle1991 Suunto's new fitness watch is super light, boasts 100-hour battery life

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