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camille and camryn deserved better fr

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2022.01.20 13:15 snapandrew camille and camryn deserved better fr

watching season 7 is genuinely infuriating due to how Kira constantly yelled at Camille and had the moms gang up on her. I find the scene of Yolanda revealing how Camille showed her a text Camryn sent so frustrating, Yolanda completely betrayed her trust for the sake of.. honestly what was the point of it?! Just being a horrible person?! It makes no sense to me. I can't really blame Camryn for hating it at the ALDC considering how she and her mom were treated..
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2022.01.20 13:15 Kryptoncockandballs 'There are no minor incursions' pleads Ukraine leader after Biden remarks

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2022.01.20 13:15 FilmyInn New year. Old cliches.

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2022.01.20 13:15 Dramatic_Spray_9782 Thought you guys would enjoy my new Sweatshirt!

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2022.01.20 13:15 cornish-j Who else is already here?

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2022.01.20 13:15 Trevor_Top_Smoke God calls each of us to serve and follow Him

Do you pray to know God's will for you? We need to ask for guidance as well as listen for answers. Each of us is called for a specific purpose. It's true that we may never know the full extent of our purpose during our lifetime, but that doesn't excuse us from trying. Perhaps some of you here are being called to the ministry. Most will be called to marriage. Perhaps your gifts call you to the work in the medical field, or as lawyers or teachers or waiters. Beyond that, all should consider how we are being called to serve within the community. We are all called to work for social justice. I understand that calls to serve come at different times to different people and certainly working to provide for and care for a family is a top priority and should be. That priority includes instructing in and modeling our faith. Children need to know that God loves them and has a plan for them as well. Many families work together to gather food or clothing or the poor. Parents can also help their children by pointing out the gifts God has given them and encouraging them to use them. We all have gifts. We won't all be great athletes, musicians or painters. But God has a plan for us that uses the gifts we have been given. Thankfully, many are gifted as mechanics, electricians and plumbers! The important thing is acknowledging that God does have a plan for us that no one else can fulfill and that we seek to hear his voice in all we do. Lord, let me listen to your voice so that I can follow on the path you have for me. Amen.
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2022.01.20 13:15 xLoyalGT Con pastelillos

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2022.01.20 13:15 Vast-Play Does this mean I’m done forever?

I got stuck in a restart loop so I deleted the app and was planning to reinstall it, forgetting that it’s no longer in the App Store.
That’s it, right? I unknowingly caught my last foundable 11 days early?
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2022.01.20 13:15 UndrAcid I need a coach Im PLAT 1

Can someone coach me for free? Im a plat IDK if anyone will coach me though
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2022.01.20 13:15 aw1219 Make Money from Home Renting out your Space - Workersonboard

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2022.01.20 13:15 furie1335 How NOT to perform CPR...

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2022.01.20 13:15 Sareeee48 LF ditto

Literally any ditto, I want to breed a female togepi because I can’t find one underground.
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2022.01.20 13:15 Previous_Eagle_3856 ⭐️ Kate_rina

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2022.01.20 13:15 realandrew Aliens Fireteam Elite Update 1.16 Patch Notes (Official) - January 20, 2022

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2022.01.20 13:15 SwigittySwooter i have shid my doodoopant

applaud me
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2022.01.20 13:15 Paul-Belgium Christine de Pizan, “La Cité des dames” (The City of Women). Southern Netherlands, 1460-70, ms. 9235-37, fol. 3r. Christine de Pizan reads in her study. © KBR

Christine de Pizan, “La Cité des dames” (The City of Women). Southern Netherlands, 1460-70, ms. 9235-37, fol. 3r. Christine de Pizan reads in her study. © KBR submitted by Paul-Belgium to Medievalart [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 13:15 Noooronly555 HDMI Switch 8k 2.1 Splitter Bi-Directional Switch 2 in 1 Out/1 in 2 Out High-Speed 48Gbps 8K@60HZ/30HZ. The price is $43. Inbox me for detail if you have an interest. USA

HDMI Switch 8k 2.1 Splitter Bi-Directional Switch 2 in 1 Out/1 in 2 Out High-Speed 48Gbps 8K@60HZ/30HZ. The price is $43. Inbox me for detail if you have an interest. USA submitted by Noooronly555 to FreeStuff4U [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 13:15 Tallsouleatingtoad Whoever put this here is a chad

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2022.01.20 13:15 KSJ_SINGH How do I create a macro for creating drawings for all the components in an assembly?

Does anyone have any experience in scripting macros? I have been tasked with creating drawings of each and every component in a assembly and I want find ways to automate this task.
Any help is appreciated.
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2022.01.20 13:15 Jenaiss ✨Cute dreamy clouds is now live on Kickstarter!!✨Link in the comment! :D

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2022.01.20 13:15 ironshard1 how to remove different shades of color?

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2022.01.20 13:15 thowaway4GEICOtales 6 months at new job

Today marks 6 months at my new company. I just wanted to take a moment to share some important changes/points that I've observed in this time-frame, if only to inspire at least one person to take the plunge into the unknown of job searches. If you want more info on my background, you can look at the first post I made in this sub.
1) No more "Sunday scaries." Of course I'd rather just not work for the rest of my life but at least now I don't dread the week ahead of me.
2) I actually get focused time. Lots of good research out there about why this is important in your work flow.
3) Working within a more relaxed work culture makes me a more relaxed person in all facets of my life. Surprise, surprise! We have a monthly business meeting where the host (one of our senior most execs) closes the meeting by very sincerely saying, "Keep doing good things. I love you all." I mean, come on!
4) A good organization doesn't "go out of the way" to make life easier on you. It IS their way. I hate that it always felt like geico was doing me a favor for the simplest bit of humanity.
5) Profit Sharing is a mechanism to keep wages lower so that the company can collect float off of the withheld pay and create a psychological effect of being a great benefit.
6) Geico is not king of benefits. Maybe it was the case a decade ago, but they have seriously fallen behind.
There are lots of other pleasantries I've discovered about my new career along the way, but I think these are some of the ones most relevant to you all at geico who seek change. Good luck to you. I'm happy to help any of you in your journey.
Oh, and go easy on your IT teams. Geico is not an IT-driven corporation yet, despite what the rhetoric is. The ill-informed (or usually greed-based) decisions are not being made by your everyday IT professionals.
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2022.01.20 13:15 phaulski Tell me if youve seen this strategy: A buyer came in well over ask and seller accepted. Buyer is working with two online lenders who have both ordered appraisals. Buyer agent is not forthcoming on which lender they will use. seems a little shady and we're wondering where the 'catch' will be

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2022.01.20 13:15 mircea5533 Calming Winter River Sounds - White Nature

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2022.01.20 13:15 destroynd 2nd and 3rd sessions back2back, Kurikara Dragon Sword backpiece - Monji at Flyrite Tattoo, NYC

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