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We vibe with the new décor

New Orleans is the best city to visit for fun, parties, events and culture. See a Saints game at the Superdome, a Mardi Gras parade in the French Quarter or a Jazz Fest concert! As of Jan. 4, 85.9% of New Orleans residents 12 years and up have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. This is a resource hub website. If you are in an emergency or need immediate help, please contact UFPD by calling 911. For non-emergencies, you can contact UFPD at 352-392-1111 and U Matter, We Care at gonna try and beat this game on hardest or 2nd hardest difficulty「Streamlabs Donations」「My Merch」https://nijisanji-sto... NASA scientists are encouraging the scientific community to establish a new framework that provides context for findings related to the search for life. A brand new gated master planned community in the Foothills of Northeast Mesa located on McKellips Road just east of the Red Mountain 202 Freeway • From the high $600's • 480-750-3000. Visit Community Site. View Virtual Tours. Reserve at Red Rock – COMING 2022! Our vision is to see local churches changing nations. We want to encourage a renewal of all things by uniting church members and their leaders, to understand and agree their vision so that, together, all individuals can work towards a new way of being God’s people. Perhatian! Sang putri merak yang tertiup angin, aku Pavolia Reine dari hololive ID!#Pavolive #Pavolia_Reine #holoID #hololive #hololive_IDReine's newest orig... 104.1 The Spot (formerly Voodoo 104) is a radio station based in New Orleans and plays anything! Listen live to KVDU-FM anywhere via or the iHeartRadio app! We’re the NYC Hospitality Alliance. The membership-based, non-profit association that is advocating for, representing, and supporting the restaurant and nightlife industry in the five boroughs of New York City. We’re a Human-Powered Brewery. New Belgium has been a human-powered company from the beginning. Before our founders ever sold a bottle of beer, they hiked into Rocky Mountain National Park with a jug of home brew to outline the values that would shape our brewery. As a certified B Corp, New Belgium continues its commitment to being a brewery ...

2022.01.20 13:50 FatalFaye We vibe with the new décor

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2022.01.20 13:50 Aiten_69420 People became sad when amor was busted for being a pedo, people became sadder when revie was busted for being also a pedo (they were sadder because they liked revie more) but not many or even anyone was sad when bbpanzu developed into a pile of dogshit

to me that's weird because bbpanzu was also a good and well liked fnf modder, but no one mourned when he became a loser ass neckbeard piece of nigga shit. And why is that?
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2022.01.20 13:50 BigMoneyBiscuits Follow up to my last post, Ok_Network_5201

Follow up to my last post, Ok_Network_5201
Why am I getting this from only you? Why don't you respond to me when I ask if you blocked me?
Why are you trying to prevent me from responding to your posts?

Why did you say my math was wrong on my DD posts and then not have anything to back it up?
Why do you make posts low balling the TS sign up numbers?
Why have you made at least two claims that I know of without any source?

Are you a shill?
Take notes people, this is how you sow FUD as a level 4.
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2022.01.20 13:50 BlurrySandwich me📅irl

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2022.01.20 13:50 ExpiredBurrito09 It aint much but its honest work

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2022.01.20 13:50 svanapps Block is officially building an 'open Bitcoin mining system,' says founder Jack Dorsey

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2022.01.20 13:50 DorvidGoldy1 Being a real sonofabitch

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2022.01.20 13:50 ZoobBot 201995

This is the 201995th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.20 13:50 jaymless Belly up after playing hard with his fishy

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2022.01.20 13:50 ZpDj Lost GoPro

Lost my gopro hero 8 black in "Friendly Natural Park" in les menuires around 3pm. Please contact me if you have found it 🙏
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2022.01.20 13:50 ToTheMoonGlobal TO THE MOON ON TUESDAY!

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2022.01.20 13:50 gantinho Friends with benefits

How do I ask a girl if she wants to be fwb?
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2022.01.20 13:50 radanchor How do you cope with losing a friendship?

Me and my best friend of 10 years just decided to end our friendship as it became too toxic for both of us. She finished it abruptly after a minor argument because that was her final straw and I don't want to try to make up with her this time. We basically grew up together, have been each other's best friends throughout all middle and high school and our uni. We had so many memories together. When something happened my first thought always was to tell her right now.
I feel both very up and down because at one hand I feel free from this toxic friendship that made me feel bad for such a long time, but at the other hand I can't help thinking about all the things that we had together. Damn, she even has a tattoo dedicated to me. 10 years of love and support are now meaningless because people change. We were going to be each other's maids of honour on our weddings. It honestly just breaks my heart but I felt so abused for these couple of years so that decision made me feel better as well. I don't know what I feel, it's all too complicated. It feels both like losing your sister and like escaping from an abuser.
If any of you have decided to end a very long and meaningful friendship, how and why did it happen and how did you go though this?
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2022.01.20 13:50 joaodaif Need Some help with a New Game Start Mod

I followed this guide:
And it is great, but....
I made the characters, 9 of them, but how do i add this characters to the squad? i just add all of them as leader to the squad? can i add multiples squads in the NEW_GAME_STARTOFF?
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2022.01.20 13:50 fenriswolf117 So this is the new client after EVERY match. Restarting the game is fun :)

So this is the new client after EVERY match. Restarting the game is fun :)
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2022.01.20 13:50 exercisethedemons Anyone have any additional info on upcoming products on Tandem's pipeline page?

Hi, just wanted to see if anyone had any additional info on any of the products listed on Tandem's pipeline page. Any info/ideas on timelines, features, etc?
My x2 warranty recently ended, but it still works great. So I'm interested in what's coming down the road (and if there's any idea how long the road will be), since my insurance will cover me whenever I'm ready for a new one.
I've seen a couple of threads about t:sport -- I'm guessing those are referring to the Mobi that's listed on the pipeline page since the features sound similar. Is that right? It looks like this one is similar to Omnipod, but with site options so you can wear it or carry it. Am I understanding that correctly? I was always interested in the idea of Omnipod, but preferred the CGM features between the tslim and Dexcom. Has Omnipod caught up there at all?
Has there been any more detailed news about what improvements might come with the tslim x3? The description on the pipeline page is (understandably) kind of vague.
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2022.01.20 13:50 jookco Mort - Nécrologie - Cause Décès : Mon père est décédé depuis 22ans, mais j'ai l'impression que des fois il me parle. 😪❤️ #JeudiConfession Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.20 13:50 stocktime6 $GMPR check out the news today: Gourmet Provisions International Corp. (GMPR) Announces $4 Million+ in Commitments to Finalize Black Rock Deal via @Yahoo $ILUS $OWUV $EPAZ

$GMPR check out the news today: Gourmet Provisions International Corp. (GMPR) Announces $4 Million+ in Commitments to Finalize Black Rock Deal via @Yahoo $ILUS $OWUV $EPAZ $PVSP $ILST
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2022.01.20 13:50 toastymctoast10 The Lady Liberty

“One hundred and sixty years ago, our forebears brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Yet some people refuse to listen to our forefathers. From the Businessmen of the west, the reactionaries of the south and congress and their guard dog MacArthur they all wish to enslave our fellow man and force them to work in the coal mines and the foundries and give back to us a fraction of what they make off the fruits of our labor. I say enough is enough if congress will not free the workers from their enslavement, then we will free ourselves, just as Lincoln declared the Emancipation proclamation I chairmen Johnathon Jack Reed declare the Combined Syndicates of America and the 2nd American Revolution to free us from the tyranny and free the working class. I call upon the workers to rise and form the 2nd continental army.”
Hannah sat in the open hatch looking across at the great open plains, an ocean of grass. She had always wished to see the Great Plains but this was not what she wanted when she hoped. When news of the revolt began she had been one of the first to enlist, she had seen her father toil and break every single day coming home tired and exhausted with nothing but pennies to show for his work. Her brother Andrew had died last year in an auto accident working for Ford the greedy machinist. Her mother had ended up a maid for some rich couple 2 hours away in their upstate mansion. They all fled when Chairmen Reed made his speech. Leaving Hannah’s family broken and angry. Her mother nor father dissuaded her from joining up and fighting. Her father apart of the Red Guard was shipped to the frontline and parted leaving her with a simple message of “If it goes badly come back alive for your mothers sake.”
“They have I count 3 Anti-tank guns" Her officer a big bulky man who preferred the nickname of Brooklyn rather than his actual name peered out across the Great Plains looking at the federals preparing their defenses. Hannah’s co-driver William an ex-us army infantry man who they all called Red due to his association with the 1st “big red” division sat in his seat cleaning his 1911 feverishly only stopping fir a moment after hearing about the guns. While all this happened their gunner a small sulky woman named Amanda shouted from inside the hull “ALRIGHT ITS FIXED IT SHOULDN’T BREAK HOPEFULLY.” Gearhead as the crew called her was the only one with any actual maintenance knowhow and was relegated to repair duties on their tank. The beautiful Lady Liberty a “borrowed" M36 light tank from the Detroit Auto Factory. Hannah had spent most of the 3 weeks learning how to drive the Liberty, going from never even owning a car to now sitting in a 7 ton machine of war.
As all this happened their British Advisors sat behind them looking at their stop watches and preforming last minute drills with all of the militiamen, which stung with a sense of irony. Hannah had signed up for the Militia thinking she would be kept with her father, but was then assigned to the 2nd Detroit light tank regiment. She had not seen him since he got sent to the Kentucky border. Instead of ending up with her father she ended up in side the belly of this broken mechanical beast stationed along the North Dakota border. A ear piercing whistle came from behind the tank and Hannah got up to see, one of the British officers stood up and turned towards the crowding militiamen.
“Alright comrades this is it the traitors have made the first blow, as we speak reactionary bombers have already begun to lay waste to Washington with the attack beginning an hour ago. I will not lie this may be a costly and grueling revolution but as a representative of the Union of Britain I assure you that united we shall help defeat and purge the taint of capitalism from your great nation.” “FORM UP BEHIND THE TANK! GET READY! DON’T FORGET TO RELOAD BEFORE HAND!” all the shouts muddled together as the crew of the Liberty got ready. Hannah’s heart raced as she turned the engine on. The Liberty's engine groaned then finally came to life, she heard Gearhead mutter to herself as Hannah set the tank into motion. The Lady lurched forward and began advancing onto the open field. All she could see was small little hats and helmets scurrying around in a trench line, Brooklyn sat in his officer spot standing looking out the top hatch as Gearhead turned the gun forward. Bullets began whizzing towards them with Hannah seeing the tracers fly towards her. Some had landed where they would hit her if not for the inches of steel in front of her.
Red fired back using the internal mg firing quick short bursts towards the attackers. “We got an AT gun to our right Gearhead get the gun ready!” As soon as Brooklyn spoke a loud boom went off and the gun was destroyed. Another tank had destroyed their issue. As the Liberty creeped closer a loud thud ringed the air and screams came from outside. “FUCK! Another AT gun Davis speed us up before they round off another shot!” Hannah threw the Liberty into full-speed its engine groaning from the strain as it moved along through the open field. She could hear the turret rotating towards the threat as bullets ricocheted off the hull; Red fired a short burst in the general direction of where the enemy sat. “FIRING!” the hull filled with smoke as the main gun recoiled and let loose a shell. Hannah couldn’t see but from the loud boom she assumed something was hit. Brooklyn closed the hatch and sat down quickly passing Gearhead a shell “LOADING…..FIRING!” another loud boom went and the hull filled again. “TRENCH!” Hannah grunted as the tank slowly moved over the hole. A loud metallic ting was heard and the tank recoiled around.
The engine died. The Liberty sat there immobilized yet combat functional “What’s the matter keep going!?” “It’s not working the engines busted!” “GEARHEAD FIX IT!” Gearhead quickly slide her way down to the engine and grabbed her tool box. As she worked several enemies had noticed the tank and had begun to run towards it, perhaps thinking they had destroyed it and could use it as cover. Hannah could see the face if the young man in front of her saw him shouting and yelling; suddenly the engine came to life and the soldier who had been in front of Hannah’s view port jumped and ran. Gearhead climbed up to the turret and quickly turned it aiming directly at their assailant “FIRING" the hull filled with smoke once more and the empty shell was dumped into the corner. The Liberty sat triumphantly over the trench and it’s crew watched as the remaining soldiers ran out into the endless sea of green, fleeing, afraid, just wanting to escape the red tide that had smashed into them.
“RUN BASTARDS!” Hannah grabbed the handle of her mg and squeezed the trigger towards the fleeing enemy. She watched as a man was thrown onto his back and watched as he laid there squirming. As quickly as the man was thrown militiamen poured in from the sides and she was able to see her comrades in combat. As she did she felt a small sense of pride seeing the average workers route professional soldiers through sheer determination. She then spotted the Gear with red and black flying as a flag bearer ran forward. Inspired she took a breath and set the tank back into motion as the Liberty ran down the last of the filthy dogs.
As the battle came to a close Hannah hopped put of the tank and examined the Liberty it’s green paint now scratched and scarred by bullets. The syndicalist wrench and torch on the front hit over 10 times most likely on purpose. As Hannah walked around to the rear she turned back towards the direction in which they had came from and was met with ruins and death “Hey Hannah come get some…..” Amanda walked over carrying a tray of bred and a flask of water “This was a small trench line and we lost this many people.” 4 tanks were left smoldering in ruin surrounded by bodies, the medics walked among the ruins checking for survivors and looting the dead for anything of use. Hannah turned towards the Liberty one last time before grabbing Amanda’s flask and taking a drink.” I could use something to eat right about now"
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2022.01.20 13:50 mrwolf1979 How do I get google home to turn on my chromecast and give me a choice of videos from my recommended or subscriptions?

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2022.01.20 13:50 rhaezorblue HomePod for daughter - Unable to disable Explicit Lyrics?

Hi folks

My young daughter has a HomePod mini and I noticed the other day it can play songs with.. very.. explicit lyrics. The link below says you can disable Explicit content by going into Home, Home Settings, her user profile and Disabling it there. But that option doesn't even show up for her child account. Is this a bug?

I can see the option for Explicit content on my user profile and my wifes, but not my son or daughter.
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2022.01.20 13:50 machal_furi Selling papers and logins dm me

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2022.01.20 13:50 bask3tballchess Quick Breakdown of Pick and roll ICE coverage | Wetz Sets

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2022.01.20 13:50 mexicanmamasita Acai Gelato from Emerald Fire Meds - May on this amazingly cold day. Stay warm friends

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2022.01.20 13:50 Crispy-Milkshake cursed_masturbate

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