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Can't decide on a combat system

2021.11.29 08:01 Voylinslife Can't decide on a combat system

I'm going for an isometric low poly rpg game and I am kind of stuck with the combat system. The combat systrm I have in mind seems to fit better with a pixelart game (imo).
The current combat system: You walk around and suddenly go into a battle scene (like how combat starts in octopath traveller), and then it is turn based battle.
I'm not sure if this fits a low poly rpg or not, the camera is stuck in an isometric view and can't be rotated so I think it may be okay, but I don't have much experience in gamedev. One of the main reasons why I want to do it like this is so the player has time to devide his tactics. Not like a hack 'n slash game where the combat doesn't have breaks to decide the next action.
What is your guys opinions about a 3D game that puts players in a separate battle scene to do the combat portion? Could this work well for 3D games as well?
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2021.11.29 08:01 PsychoMouse Tips and tricks for everypony!

So; I went back like 8 days and I never saw any posts about some tips or tricks to help some fellow new ponies or even veteran ponies. How about we have a thread for that?
And as far as I can tell. This isn’t against the rules. But if it is and I missed it. I do apologize.
This one might be common knowledge but if your memory sucks, and you’re playing the match a pair game, you can screenshot all the cards before they flip over and then swap between your photos and the game. Since the game pauses as soon as it’s not the main thing, you can finish some of the higher level memory parts in like 2-3 seconds.
When I realized that could be done, I took my wife’s phone and went from level 1 prize, all the way to the pony prize on a single life. Ended up getting a huge amount of bits and gems too. My highest points on a single life was like 600,000, and that’s cause I kept forgetting spots.
Does anyone else have any useful tips or tricks? Since it’s a game about friendship, let’s help eachother out!
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2021.11.29 08:01 Insendi Jagex Nerfing Magma Tempest 2 Weeks in a Row Like...

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2021.11.29 08:01 Content_Elevator_951 Looking to downgrade to save cash

I am looking to downgrade in order to save some cash, currently have Mercedes a class on PCP, can get 6k equity on it, given the current market.
Not sure what my best option is, as would like to save some money to help me move out! Any advise is welcome!
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2021.11.29 08:01 Dangerous-Catch-3255 2 very nice pieces of Fanart of The mom from the iron giant. These were drawn by Aulio giran 89 and GKG. I don’t remember the website I found these on. I also made edits of the drawings. I like the way they came out.

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2021.11.29 08:01 avfc_1987 What are the best recommended deck cards for completing on Veteran?

I’ve been starting with 2 primaries, reload when weapons are stowed, ect.
Only had the game a week or so, any advice appreciated.
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2021.11.29 08:01 johnrock001 Fullmetal Alchemist Filler - Complete Filler Guide

Fullmetal Alchemist Filler - Complete Filler Guide - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/fullmetal-alchemist-fille
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2021.11.29 08:01 kymertau стаж 20 лет на стройках

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2021.11.29 08:01 natureman777 Gigachad Amtrak doesn’t give a fuck about your complaints

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2021.11.29 08:01 Hodling-Since2018 Plan c looking like a good choice ngl

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2021.11.29 08:01 VicAdward Hmm I wonder what's the name of this board game

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2021.11.29 08:01 sashazivkovic Are these winter chanterelles or are they somethingelse. Found them in a wood in France, first time out looking for mushrooms so could well be a novices high expectations but I do want them to be winter chanterelles

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2021.11.29 08:01 johnrock001 Gintama Filler List - How To Watch Gintama Without Fillers

Gintama Filler List - How To Watch Gintama Without Fillers - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/gintama-fille
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2021.11.29 08:01 sound_for_relaxation The afternoon is always beautiful 💯

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2021.11.29 08:01 dyspraxicguy Anyone working as a programmer?

I am learning learn programming myself to save my life and make decent money even though this programming thing feels unnatural to me.
I started with Python year ago but got carried away with this AI bullshit and wasted so much time on it. Now I am learning Django and SQL etc.
If you guys have any advices feel free to share. Also you can share your experiences with office politics.
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2021.11.29 08:01 Noexpert309 I read here all the time katana are good cutter but bad at thrust. Pls educate me I think that katana are the best for thrust because of its Kissaki geometry and thick back that allows to bring the force straight to the tip.

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2021.11.29 08:01 BalsaPS Since the boys did a manga 3x3 i wanted to make my own so here is my trash taste

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2021.11.29 08:01 soosis Can't make an account on customsforge

I can't make an account for days now. It says I'm not permitted to make an account to this site. I tried on my laptop and mobile, same issue. There is an option to log in with discord, but it also won't let me in.
I wrote to the customsforge subreddit and discord, but did not get a response. Can anyone help me?
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2021.11.29 08:01 broke_the_bat What's the point of playing when your challenges are done?

Genunely confused as to what the point of this game is once your challenges are done. 50XP per match isn't enough to justify playing the game, especially since you get 50XP whether you die tons or get top of the team.
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2021.11.29 08:01 Rukhnul Does anyone have any advice, regarding getting into therapy?

Hi. I really feel like some good therapy could help me, or atleast some medication, but I'm simply unable to find any. Covid has been hard on many people, so therapists don't have any room for new patients. I know this from my mom, who happens to be a therapist, but when I told her openly about my problems, she told me to give it some time...yeah, I've tried that and almost killed myself...and when I told her that I am suicidal, she told me to tell her if it got worse, that we could go to the crisis intervention centre and shit, but she's been super sad and freaked out by the whole situatiom so much, that I now am unable to tell her anything. And I should probably mention that this isn't "I'm in puberty and was sad for 3 weeks now" (which is also an important issue! Not to belittle it!), but I've been feeling depressed and anxious for the past 4-5 years and I've been suicidal for the past year.
Sorry, streched this part too much. Anyway. I'm a student, who has no income (again, covid and czech republic fucking sucks at handling it) and I already tried out some program from my health insurance company with 10 free sessions, but the therapist sucked + it was online, which kinda just got me down.
Do you know of any way how to get into therapy? I tried e-mailing one of the crisis intervention centres on their "intervention@..." mail and they didn't answer. And I'm unable to call them, I just can't do that.

So yeah. That's about it. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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2021.11.29 08:01 CementStairs HL:A - Spaceships

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2021.11.29 08:01 LeSanaeEnjoyer Sea Opening "Moses's Miracle"

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2021.11.29 08:01 turtlesarefood What can I legally do in Peru?

I have finally booked a flight and am all set for an Aya retreat. But I have no clue what else I can legally do there. I tried looking it up online but couldn't find any definitive trusted answer. I have selected trusted Ayahuasca and Peyote retreats. Can I find acid/shrooms/truffles/mescaline there legally?
Any site recommendations are also welcome.
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2021.11.29 08:01 water-isn-t-wet [Academic] (chemistry students) How COVID-19 has affected Chemistry Education.

Looking at how the pandemic has affected student's chemistry education. Looking for chemistry students to fill out this survey to see the benefits and negatives to online learning.
Survey: https://forms.gle/UXsRzqNXb5gHLXr9A
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2021.11.29 08:01 intecsys ich🧛iel

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